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Beams and Columns

Exeed Precast’s Beams and Columns: The Foundation of Structural Excellence

At Exeed Precast, we understand that the backbone of any construction project lies in the strength and stability of its structural elements. Our Precast Beams and Columns are engineered to provide the foundation for your vision, offering a versatile range of cross-sections and standard types to cater to your specific needs.

Diverse Cross-Sections

Exeed Precast’s Beams and Columns come in a variety of cross-sections, from standard ‘square and circular’ to custom-made irregular shapes. This diversity allows us to accommodate the most intricate and unique architectural designs while maintaining structural integrity.

Standard Types of Beams and Columns

Our standard types of Beams and Columns include:

  1. “L” Beams

“L” Beams are perfect for providing structural support while maximizing space utilization. Their unique shape allows for efficient load-bearing without the need for excessive depth.

  1. Rectangle Beams

Rectangle Beams offer a classic design and robust load-bearing capacity, making them a versatile choice for various construction applications.

  1. Inverted “T” Beams

Inverted “T” Beams are known for their strength and stability. They are ideal for projects where heavy loads need to be supported with minimal deflection.

  1. Hollow Beams

Hollow Beams are designed to be lightweight without compromising on strength. They are an excellent choice for applications that require both structural support and reduced weight.

  1. Single “T” Beams

Single “T” Beams provide a streamlined and efficient solution for supporting loads in a single direction, making them suitable for a wide range of building designs.

  1. Double “T” Beams

Double “T” Beams offer increased load-bearing capacity and are well-suited for projects with heavier structural requirements.

  1. “I” Girder Beams

“I” Girder Beams are known for their excellent load-bearing capabilities and are often used in bridge construction and industrial applications.

Advantages of Exeed Precast Beams/Columns

When you choose Exeed Precast Beams and Columns for your construction project, you gain access to a host of advantages:

  1. No Propping Needed for Beams

Our precast beams are designed to support themselves during construction, eliminating the need for costly temporary supports or propping. This reduces construction time and costs.

  1. No Need for Expensive On-Site Formworks

Exeed Precast Beams and Columns are pre-fabricated with precision, eliminating the need for on-site formwork. This not only saves time but also reduces labor and material costs.

  1. Optimized Depth for More Space

Our beams are engineered to offer maximum load-bearing capacity with minimum depth, providing more usable space within your building while ensuring structural integrity.

  1. Speed of Construction and Erection On-Site

The precast nature of our beams and columns allows for swift installation on-site, minimizing construction timelines and disruptions.

Exeed Precast Beams and Columns are the embodiment of structural excellence and innovation. With our diverse range of options, you can trust us to provide the foundation your construction project needs. Contact us today to discuss how Exeed Precast can elevate the structural integrity and efficiency of your next project. Build stronger; build with Exeed Precast.