Exeed Filigree Slab (also called planks) is a reinforced semi precast concrete slab with a minimum thickness of 5–6 cm with a single steel reinforced mesh and lattice girder to give stiffness once installed. Depending on the concrete covering and reinforcement, it can be designed at any depth.

The slab is made into a solid and composite reinforced concrete floor by using cast-in-situ concrete that is poured at the construction site. The addition of an insulation layer for better thermal and sound properties is possible. The thickness of the finished floor slab is between 12 and 30 cm, depending on the span and the loading. The protruding truss reinforcement and the concrete surface itself provide the required anchoring, ensuring good bonding and adhesion between the finished part and the cast-in-situ concrete.

The Filigree method is a process for construction of concrete decks that successfully integrates “factory precast” and field-construction technologies. Exeed filigree slabs can be used as floor slabs as well as a shuttering system for cast-in-situ slabs with the use of a post-tensioning system.

There are no limitations in the use of Exeed filigree slab system; it can be used in any construction project under any conditions.